HDTV Test Card : u r b a n s p a c e m a n
TalkTalk HDTV Test Card

The design challenge here was to reinvent the television test card for the HD era. It had to be fresh, functional, and attractive. Competitor Sky TV decided to simply copy the famous BBC Test Card F (that featured 8 year-old Carole Hersee, who holds the record for the world's longest television appearance), and this was less an act of design than it was an exercise in nostalgia. Originally test cards were made for engineers at the television station, whereas now HD cards are for average viewers at home, so it makes little sense to use such a cluttered design for average people.

This test card, therefore, was stripped down to its essentials and given jargon-free labels. Colour adjustments for skin tone were also brought up to date, acknowledging that there are, actually, more than just caucasians on British television these days.

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