Sacred Egyptian Map : u r b a n s p a c e m a n
digital print on canvas
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Sacred Egyptian Map

"Though the unwary reader would never know it from a casual reading of popular scientific journals or from the popular press…a real revolution in human thought is already under way…Schwaller de Lubicz's work, in the right hands, may play an important role in the shaping of a new society."

- Serpent in the Sky, John Anthony West

This map was made as a thank-you gift for Mr. West, who inspired me to begin studying ancient Egypt. The diagrams featured were scanned from his indispensable travel guide The Traveller's Key to Ancient Egypt.

Why study an alien culture from the primitive past? What relevance could it have in the 21st century?

West cogently argues, relying on the work of the late philosopher R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, that the accepted academic view of ancient Egypt as infantile race of animal-god worshippers that produced unequalled feats in art and architecture is a paradox. A better explanation, repellent to modern thinking, is that the Egyptians actually knew more than we do. It may very well be that we are the ones who are infantile, unable to recognise that the Egyptians understood the deeper principles responsible for the natural world -- precisely what our modern science lacks.

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