Movies Now : u r b a n s p a c e m a n
"Movies Now" Channel Package

This channel package aimed to be different from other movies channels. As content, in this case, is delivered on-demand through your phone lines, there was reason to avoid references to physical media like film reels, tapes, or DVDs. Neither were reliance on movie channel clichés, like projector beams or cinema architecture. The look here is bold, bright, and simple, acting as a crisp frame for the film and its promotional artwork. A visual language of reds was developed, called 'loud' and 'quiet', for out of channel promotions and interface backgrounds, respectively.

"Movies Now" Launch Campaign

3 promos from the for the channel launch campaign. All the on-demand ingredients for the perfect instant entertainment recipe.

Romance Movies
Blockbuster Movies
Comedy Movies
Channel Poster (click to enlarge)
Sting, Bumper, and Promo Graphics
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