Awards Showcase : u r b a n s p a c e m a n

Bask in my personal Promax glory, an honour more significant that the Oscars, Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, and knighthood combined!

Gold Winner
Best Use of Music, Promax UK 2007

London beatboxer Shlomo, one of the artists on Bjork's a cappella album "Medulla", performs a medley of tunes in a sea of album cover clippings that represent the over 7000 music videos on the on-demand channel V:MX Central.

V:MX Rocks
Silver Winner
Best Subscription Promo, Promax Europe 2009

A promotion of the interactive music video channel V:MX, highlighting the feature called "My V:MX", which allows the viewer to essentially use their television as a personal video jukebox.

Triple Winner
Best Rundown or Themed Promo, Best Simple Idea, Best On-Air Programme Campaign
Promax UK 2008 & Promax Europe 2009

This campaign was the answer to the brief "movies you want to watch again". Company managers fought over it; one refused to air them, another threatened to quit if they weren't!

It's Coming...
Best Film Promo, Promax UK 2008

If the creators of Independence Day started doing promotions for a well-known bespectacled director...

Triple Winner
Best Branding for a Promo, Best Branding for a Campaign, Best Use of Music
Promax BDA 2003

From a campaign translated to television from a series of print ads by CBC Newsworld, this spot asks probing questions about American foreign policy.

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